PAAM provides education and training in anthroposophic medicine, from an annual training week for doctors to regional conferences. Find out More

Clinical articles, published research, other health-related resources devoted to anthroposophic medicine. 
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DISTANCE LEARNING:  This is a new initiative from PAAM.  We will offer online, real time interactive learning  sessions on BASIC PRESCRIBING in Anthroposophic Medicine.  Experienced Anthroposophic providers will provide information and guidance in two October 2014 sessions and in two February 2015 sessions.  Check the TRAINING section of this website.  We are now enrolling!

INTERNATIONAL POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL TRAINING (IPMT) will again be offered at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California from April 25 through May 2, 2015.  Courses for the physician and other providers and for nurses are offered.  Check the EVENTS and TRAINING sections of this website.  We are now enrolling!

The Fourth Edition of INDIVIDUAL PAEDIATRICS is now available

The Fourth Edition of this thorough and detailed text on the Anthroposophic approach to pediatrics is now available for purchase.  Click here for information.

About PAAM

PAAM, the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine, was founded in 1981. Its aim is to facilitate personal contact and exchange of knowledge between anthroposophic physicians, and with other health practitioners. Find out more

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